Parents & Guardians

Parents & Guardians

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Parents and guardians please make sure you bring your athlete to the photo day location at least 15 minutes before their scheduled photo time. This will ensure that photo day runs as smoothly and quickly as possible

If you have any other questions, check out our tips for parents and
guardians below!

Parents & Guardians

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Tips for Parents and Guardians

- Please ensure that your player is at the photo day location fifteen-thirty minutes prior to their photo slot time.

- Please ensure that your player is ready and has all of their gear for the photo. EX: Hockey stick, gloves, jersey, skates, proper shoes etc...

- If your player wears glasses, remind them to push them right up to their face and point their chin downwards during their photo to prevent glare.

- Athletes, remember to smile and have fun!

- Please ensure that players have all their strings and straps tucked in, their shoelaces tied and their tags out of sight.

- Parents, if you wish to request a 'Sibling Photo" please let one of the Hunter's crew know prior to your photo slot time. This ensures enough time for the photographer to prepare. Please have the players ready to go right at the end of the individual photos.

- Parents, please respect the photographers and the crew. Stay behind the appointed barriers and please do not distract the players while we are photographing them. We appreciate it if you wait until the players are back with you before any  photography.

-Parents, as we  photograph using a greenscreen, we ask that you please make sure that your child is not wearing green unless it is the colour of their jersey. Green colouring on equipment (i.e. sticks, shoes, gloves etc) is okay.

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